Originally published November 19, 2011

With a Walkstation, Media:scape, ergonomic work stations and state-of-the-art LED lighting, the new Industrial Engineering Process Innovation Laboratory is unlike any other lab at MSOE. Ruud Lighting – a Cree Company and Forrer Business Interiors Inc. have donated lighting and equipment for this lab where industrial engineering students can conduct experiments on workplace efficiency and ergonomics.

The lab’s LED light fixtures feature 120 volt drivers capable of dimming with 0-10 volt dimmers. The fixtures are suited for both direct and indirect lighting. Students can experiment with the intensity and direction of the light, which helps them determine which type of lighting is best for various work tasks, and how lighting can affect a person’s ability to complete a task. The lighting, valued at $21,600, was donated by Ruud Lighting – a Cree Company.

The futuristic equipment and ergonomic furniture in the lab was donated in part by Forrer Business Interiors Inc. and is valued at $14,320. It includes:

  • A Steelcase Eno Technology Whiteboard, a 3-in-1 dry erase, magnetic and interactive whiteboard. The ceramic-steel surface allows students and professors to navigate through documents or the Internet and use dry erase markers or a stylus on the board. When they’re done, they can save everything they wrote on the board to post online, print or email.
  • A Steelcase Answer Workstation, a cubicle that looks like it could be found in any office environment. However, the computer monitor, keyboard and other desktop equipment is fully adjustable, so the employee can create a fully-ergonomic space. The Steelcase Leap Ergonomic chair changes shape to mimic and support the movement of the spine and is fully adjustable.
  • Three Steelcase standing adjustable-height work tables and 12 Steelcase Jack Stools mimic situations where employees can work standing up, rather than sitting.
  • Twelve Steelcase “node” student chairs feature an attached, fully adjustable, both-handed desktop; an open seat design with hooks for backpacks or jackets; and a swivel seat to keep students oriented to their work.

Additional equipment in the room, valued at more than $26,000, includes black-out shades on the windows, which aid in the lighting experiments; eight whiteboards hanging around the perimeter of the room for team collaboration; a lounge area for students to relax in with couches, a microwave and refrigerator and also:

  • A Steelcase Walkstation combines of a fully integrated electric height-adjustable surface with an exclusively engineered, low-speed commercial grade treadmill that has a maximum speed of 2 mph. Students can walk comfortably and burn calories while studying, doing Internet research, reading or writing a paper.
  • A Steelcase Media:scape which helps groups work better together. Up to six laptops can connect to one large screen, making it easy to collaborate on a project or prepare a presentation.

The space will be used for several industrial engineering labs and classes including the Ergonomics Lab; Work Planning and Methods Lab; Computer-Aided Manufacturing Lab; Team Leadership/Facilitation; and Senior Design Projects.

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