Originally published November 21, 2011

Each academic quarter, graduating students at MSOE are invited to nominate an individual from their own secondary school experience or their working experience for the VIP/Excellence in Teaching Award. They nominate someone who not only “knew her/his stuff,” but could communicate it, and whose commitment to others included encouragement of further educational and career goals. MSOE is proud to recognize those who have had a significant influence on students’ futures and also thank those, who in some important way, motivated them, inspired them and helped make it happen for them.

Congratulations to the following:

Mark Koch, Rolling Meadows (Ill.) High School
Mark Koch was nominated by Katherine E. Thompson, who received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. In her nomination Thompson said, “Mr. Koch influenced my future education by helping me decide what I was passionate about. He helped develop my skills in the field by guiding me to the right classes. He is an outstanding educator {who} encouraged us to do well in all classes because he knew we should be well-rounded in order to be successful.”

Hal Lunsford, Zion-Benton Township (Ill.) High School
Ian Andrew Ashton, who received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, nominated Hal Lunsford and said, “Mr. Lunsford always ensured that things were going well in my classes. He took a serious interest in all his students’ success both in high school and in our further education, and he always pushed us to do the best that we could.”

Gordon Perkins (Retired), James Madison Memorial High School (Madison, Wis.)
Kristine E. Radtke Norris received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and nominated Gordon Perkins, who is now retired. She said, “Mr. Perkins was an advocate and championed for his students. He treated each student fairly and with the same amount of respect. He taught his science class with fun and informative experiments that began my interest in science.”

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