Originally published May 17, 2013

Seniors will be on hand to explain their Senior Projects, Designs and Proposals on Friday, May 24 at the Walter Schroeder Library, 500 E. Kilbourn Ave.; Werwath Mall, between the Library and Allen-Bradley Hall of Science; Student Life and Campus Center, 1025 N. Broadway; and Todd Wehr Auditorium, 1047 N. Broadway.

Collaboration and teamwork are key components to an MSOE education, whether a student is an engineering major or pursuing a degree in the School of Business or School of Nursing.

Throughout the senior year, students work on a Senior Project. These are an opportunity for students to take everything they’ve learned in their time at MSOE and put it to use in a real-life application. Often, it’s a real-world project for a company or business that’s looking to solve a problem, while other projects are driven purely by a student’s interests and ideas from the classroom.

It all comes to fruition right before graduation at Senior Project Day—the culmination of all that they’ve learned and accomplished in this always interesting, sometimes frustrating and ultimately satisfying experience.

More than 80 senior projects will be on display. Here is a short list of examples:

SAE Aero Design:  The “Air Raiders” team designed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that completed a full circuit of an airfield and dropped an expellable cargo successfully within 50 feet of a predetermined target. The team competed at the Society of Automotive Engineers Aero Design Competition in Ft. Worth, Texas, and took second place. Location: Todd Wehr Auditorium

Peripheral Neuropathy Assessment System:  This device will reliably track the progression of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in patients in a simple and effective method. Peripheral Neuropathy is a slow progressing, nerve degenerating disease than an estimated 20 million American suffer from.  Location: Walter Schroeder Library

Early Response Cooling System:  The Early Response Cooling System allows medical personnel to begin immediate treatment for various injuries and conditions that require a patient’s core body temperature to be lowered, such as heat stroke or cardiac arrest.  Location: Walter Schroeder Library

MSOE is an independent, non-profit university with about 2,500 students. MSOE offers 20 bachelor’s degrees and nine master’s degrees in engineering, business, mathematics and nursing. The university has a national academic reputation; longstanding ties to business and industry; dedicated professors with real-world experience; a 94% placement rate; and the highest average starting and mid-career salaries of any Wisconsin university according to PayScale Inc. MSOE graduates are well-rounded, technologically experienced and highly productive professionals and leaders.