Greenheck1.jpgMSOE students, alumni, faculty and staff will have a fun, one-day opportunity to learn about the HVAC industry on Tuesday, Sept. 9 when the Greenheck AirTour Learning Center arrives on campus.

Greenheck Fan Corporation’s multimedia mobile learning center, housed in a semi-trailer, travels across the country and offers engineers an opportunity to learn more about the non-residential heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry. The MSOE community is invited to see live demonstrations of some of Greenheck’s product offerings, and interact with recruiters and engineers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The mobile learning center will be in MSOE’s State Street C Lot, at the corner of Milwaukee and State Streets.

Demonstrations include:

  • Air to air energy recovery
  • Damper energy efficiency
  • Fan energy savings; reducing duct system effects
  • Energy saving ECM’s (Electronically Commutated Motors)
  • Saving energy with flow and pressure controls
  • Energy saving flow measurement


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