Operating Philosophy and Institutional Principles

Operating Philosophy

The mission will be accomplished through an organized environment that places carefully recruited students among highly qualified faculty, a dedicated support staff and strategic partners in business and industry – all committed to meeting the ultimate objective of a graduate fully prepared for immediate productivity and advanced study. Such synergism involves the following components:

Faculty - collectively possessing the concept of a curriculum in their specializations; committed to excellence in teaching and remaining current through industrial/career experience, scholarly achievements, applied research, professional society activity and continuing education; continually evaluated for ways to incorporate leading-edge technology information needed for future application.

Staff – committed to providing an environment of total support, including academic, administrative, financial and development, to assist students, and faculty whenever appropriate, in acquiring knowledge, work-ready experience and leadership. Also, work in conjunction with faculty to provide and support activities that allow students to benefit from experiences with business, industrial/career and community activities, along with direct involvement with all levels of practitioners … entry level to senior corporate executives.

Business and Industry – committed to mutually beneficial support of the university and its graduates. In its continuing-education efforts, MSOE will provide extensive opportunities in outreach activities, which include degree granting programs, credit and noncredit courses, and customized offerings to those seeking personal and/or professional advancement.

Institutional Principles

The fundamental beliefs of Milwaukee School of Engineering are the following:

  • The focus is on the individual student.
  • Lifelong learning is essential for success.
  • Dedicated faculty with relevant, up-to-date experience are the heart of our teaching process.
  • Scientific and mathematical reasoning and processes are essential.
  • Applied research and evolving and interdisciplinary technologies are vital in exploiting opportunities.
  • The development of communication skills is needed to function effectively.
  • The student experience is strengthened by interaction with the business, industry and health care fields.
  • The development of leadership and entrepreneurial characteristics is essential.
  • Students, faculty, staff and volunteers all share the responsibility of learning.
  • Strong personal values are necessary for success.
  • The alumni strengthen the institution through their counsel, encouragement and support.
  • Freedom with responsibility is the foundation of free enterprise.
  • There is strength in diversity.
  • Global awareness must be reflected in all activities.
  • Initiation and acceptance of change is required to anticipate and capitalize on opportunities.

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