Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The MSOE Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) is responsible for generating, collecting, and analyzing data to be used for data-driven decision making and institutional improvement. The OIRA is also responsible for generating a number of reports required by governmental regulatory bodies and by MSOE’s regional accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of Colleges and Schools.

The office is headed by the Assistant Vice-President of Institutional Research and Assessment, Deborah Jackman, Ph.D, LEED AP.

Jackman small
Deborah L. Jackman, PhD, PE, LEED AP
Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Assessment
MSOE Accreditation Liaison Officer to the Higher Learning Commission
Petersen small
Owe Petersen, PhD
Senior Analyst

Responsibilities of OIRA

  • Ensures that MSOE faculty and administrators have convenient and effective access to survey data of student evaluation of faculty performance, as provided by the Class Climate Faculty Evaluation Questionnaire.
  • Coordinates the administration and collection of data from various institutional level surveys administered to students, faculty, employers and alumni, to be used for institutional improvement purposes.
  • Serves as the clearinghouse of all official communications between MSOE and HLC, and works to ensure compliance across the institution with HLC regulations and mandates.
  • Facilitates MSOE’s strategic planning and institutional effectiveness assurance efforts through coordination of the Mission Actualization Process (MAP) and by serving as a clearinghouse of MAP documentation and data.
  • Administers the policy for responding to requests for institutional data coming from both external and internal individuals, groups, or organizations.
  • Ensures the accuracy and timely submittal of required reports such as the IPEDS, data updates to HLC for Pathways compliance, and other federal and state mandated reporting instruments.
  • Coordinates the activities of the MSOE Committee on Academic Assessment (CAA). Coordinates the collection of Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO) assessment data and compiles the annual ILO assessment report.

OIRA administered surveys

The OIRA conducts evaluations and assessments on behalf of MSOE. For more information or to obtain data and results of currently unpublished assessments please contact Deborah Jackman, Ph.D., Assistant Vice-President of Institutional Research and Assessment at

Current published assessment results:

Class Climate–Faculty Evaluation Questionnaire

Survey data is one vehicle used by academic department chairs in the evaluation of their department faculty and serves as a key component for continuous course improvement.

Survey Results Academic Year 2013-2014

Sample Class Climate Questionnaire (pdf)

Other assessments and evaluations conducted by OIRA

  • Alumni Survey
  • Assessment of Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
  • Department Climate Survey
  • Institutional Climate Survey
  • Welcome Week Survey
  • Sophomore Survey
  • Program Senior Exit Surveys
  • National Survey of Student Engagement

    Approval is sought for all surveys and information disclosure when needed per the MSOE University Institutional Review Board (IRB).

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