M.S. in Construction and Business Management

Curriculum Content

The program requires completion of 45 quarter credits of graduate coursework as distributed below. Visit our Registrar’s site for more information about the current class schedules of classes and registration.

Program information sheet

Foundation courses
MG‐600 Management Principles
MG‐610 The Application of Statistics
MG‐620 Finance and Accounting
MG‐631 Research and Writing (Module 1)
MG‐632 Research and Writing (Module 2)
MG‐633 Research and Writing (Module 3)
MG‐660 Applied Organizational Behavior
MG‐670 Marketing Management
MG‐800 Strategic Management
SUBTOTAL: 21 credits*

CBM specialization courses
MG‐7005 Sustainable Built Environment
MG‐7020 Project Acquisition & Business Development
MG‐7040 Construction & Operations Management Strategies
MG‐7045 Lean Construction & Resource Management
MG‐7050 Construction Data & Information Management
SUBTOTAL: 15 credits*

Culminating Experience (choose Thesis or Project)
Thesis Option
MG‐9000 Graduate Management Thesis: Phase 1
MG‐9010 Graduate Management Thesis: Phase 2


Project Option
MG‐xxx Graduate Management Elective
MG‐xxx Graduate Management Elective
MG‐8500 Final Project: Graduate Management Capstone
SUBTOTAL TOTAL: 9 credits*

PROGRAM CREDITS: 45 quarter credits*

*MSOE follows an academic quarter system. The 45 quarter credits required in this program equate to approximately 30 semester credits of contact and class time.

Goals and Objectives

Graduates of the Master of Science in Construction & Business Management will:

  • Demonstrate exemplary construction knowledge and business leadership skills while achieving success as a leader within the construction industry including design, construction, owner, and public sector roles.
  • Display high standards of ethical decision‐making and conduct.
  • Assume a leadership role in the advancement of the construction management profession and community outreach activities.
  • Value the concept of life‐long learning, keeping informed of new concepts and developments in the construction industry.

Student Outcomes

Upon graduation, student will:

  • Use sound methodology to analyze and interpret and apply advanced construction management concepts including information and communication technology, risk assessment, ethical considerations, and critical thinking for the improvement of the profession
  • Use effective business management skills to solve practical construction problems; being able to explain and defend the application of advanced construction management practices associated with strategy development, planning, staffing, scheduling, and controlling construction projects
  • Exemplifying professional integrity with the ability to evaluate and effectively management personnel, materials, tools and equipment, costs, and time.

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