M.S. in New Product Management

Curriculum Content

Foundation courses:

MG‐600 Management Principles
MG‐610 The Application of Statistics
MG‐620 Finance and Accounting
MG‐631 Research and Writing (Module 1)
MG‐632 Research and Writing (Module 2)
MG‐633 Research and Writing (Module 3)
MG-645 Operations and Systems Management
MG‐660 Applied Organizational Behavior
MG‐670 Marketing Management
MG‐800 Strategic Management
SUBTOTAL: 24 credits*

MSNP specialization courses:

MG-770 New Product Management
MG-765 Managing New Product Development Teams
MG-745 Strategic Technology Development
MG-776 Advanced New Product Management
MG-750 Knowledge Management
SUBTOTAL: 15 credits*

Culminating Experience (choose Thesis or Project):
Thesis Option
MG-8041 New Product Management Thesis
SUBTOTAL: 6 credits*
Project Option
MG‐xxx Graduate Management Elective
MG-880 New Product Management Final Project
SUBTOTAL TOTAL: 6 credits*

PROGRAM CREDITS: 45 quarter credits*

*MSOE follows an academic quarter system. The 45 quarter credits required in this program equate to approximately 30 semester credits of contact and class time.

Objectives and Outcomes

Program Objectives

Graduates of the program are:

  • capable of leading the creation of value through new product and new process development.
  • innovators who create new value through the development of new products, services and processes manifest in the form of entrepreneurship; and emergent from within as intrapreneurship.

Student Outcomes

Successful students in this program will:

  • be able to synthesize classic and contemporary management theory to create solutions to management challenges.
  • have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage the new product development process.
  • be able to apply management methods, concepts and theories in existing and new situations.
  • have an understanding of innovation, approaches to management and methods to simulate creation of new value.

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