Master of Business Administration

For more than 50 years, MSOE’s Rader School of Business has delivered high-quality management programs. The MSOE MBA is an exciting blend of our rich history and innovative spirit, capitalizing on this tradition by supporting a leadership-focused approach. The program is built on an innovative course model that integrates traditional and new MBA content in a way that mirrors application. This allows the learner to apply the content of class-based case analysis, culminating with the application of new knowledge in project-based field experiences during which leadership competencies are shaped and assessed.

Program information sheet

Course Requirements – 45 Total Credits

MB-6000 Distributed Leadership for Effective Organizations(4 credits)
MB-6100 Statistical Thinking and Data Analytics(4 credits)
MB-6200 Creating Financial Intelligence(4 credits)
MB-6310 Professional Seminar I: Leadership Education(1 credit)
MB-6320 Professional Seminar II(1 credit)
MB-6400 Economic Analysis for Decision Making(4 credits)
MB-6600 Developing and Leveraging Human Capital(4 credits)
MB-6900 Project Management for Leading Change(4 credits)
MB-7500 Building Value through Process and Technology(4 credits)
MB-7700 Maximizing Stakeholder Relationships(4 credits)
MB-7800 Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship(4 credits)
MB-7900 Strategic Foresight(4 credits)
MB-8110 MBA Project – Phase I(1 credit)
MB-8120 MBA Project – Phase II(1 credit)
MB-8130 MBA Project – Phase III(1 credit)

*MSOE follows an academic quarter system. The 45 quarter credits required in this program equate to approximately 30 semester credits of contact and class time.

MBA with Construction Management Specialization
Course Requirements – 45 Total Credits

MB 6310 Professional Seminar I (1 credit)
MB 6000 Distributed Leadership for Effective Organizations (4 credits)
MB 6100 Statistical Thinking and Data Analytics (4 credits)
MB 6900 Project Management for Leading Change (4 credits)
MB 6320 Professional Seminar II (1 credit)
MB 6200 Creating Financial Intelligence (4 credits)
MB 6400 Economic Analysis for Decision Making (4 credits)
MB 6600 Developing and Leveraging Human Capital (4 credits)
MG 7005 Sustainable Built Environment (3 credits)
MG 7020 Project Acquisitions and Business Development (3 credits)
MG 7040 Construction Operations and Management Strategies (3 credits)
MG 7045 Lean Construction and Resource Management (3 credits)
MG 7050 Construction Data and Information Management (3 credits)
MB 8900 Integration Field Project (1 credit)
MB 8110 MBA Project – Phase I (1 credit)
MB8120 MBA Project – Phase II (1 credit)
MB 8130 MBA Project – Phase III (1 credit)

Program objectives

The MSOE MBA is designed to develop competencies in a broad range of topics that will allow our graduates to:

  1. Lead Organizations – organization management and administration
  2. Lead Others – effective human resource management/development and stakeholder relationships
  3. Lead Self – personal behavior, characteristics, traits and skills of effective leaders
  4. Lead for High-Performance – developing a culture and climate that foster high achievement
  5. Lead Now and for the Future – cultivating mission/vision with input from broad representation of stakeholders

Student Outcomes

The MBA program was approved by the Higher Learning Commission in November 2013 and also mirrors the standards included in other academic accreditation agencies.

Please contact the program director for a complete list of expected student outcomes and competencies.

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