• Got questions about Architectural Engineering? (It is NOT Architecture...)

    Hey gang!   Do you have questions about the Architectural Engineering program?  Confused about the difference between AE and Architecture?  Or maybe the difference between AE and Civil Engineering or C...
    Blake Wentz
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  • Got questions about Construction Management?

    Got questions about Construction Management?  Post here and myself and others will try to answer as best as possible!
    Blake Wentz
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  • Min required GPA (Transfer International student)

    What is the minimum required GPA for an International Transfer Student for this program?
    fahad hassan
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  • Graduation rate

    What is the graduation rate of students specifically in the software engineering program?
    Evan Akers
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  • Graduate School or Industry

    Graduates from MSOE have two main paths upon graduation: Industry or Graduate School. Many of the  Engineering students choose graduate school because of the specializations that a Ph. D. or Masters can give them...
    Patrick Van Handel
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  • Where is the "AAS-EET to BSEE Transfer Plan" participating colleges list?

    I have an associates degree in Industrial Automation, Controls, and Networking from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College - New Richmond campus.  I would like to know if that school is an approved school for you...
    Mike Marzolf
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  • End of Week 5...

    Hey this is Brianna! Just posting to see how everyone is doing in the Engineering world here at MSOE! Who's ready for Career Fair this Friday? Lots of opportunities to meet with potential employers! Don't miss out!
    Brianna Sutherland
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  • Order of the Engineer is fast approaching

    The Link of the Order of the Engineer at Milwaukee School of Engineering (Link No. 175) invites you to the Ring Ceremony where new engineers will be inducted into the Order.   Date: Saturday, October 19th 201...
    Digital Marketing
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  • Graduate Funding/Scholarship

    Is there any funding or a scholarship available for a Graduate student at MSOE if he did not complete his undergrad at MSOE?
    Chaitanya Kulkarni
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