M.S. in Engineering

Curriculum Content

The MSE program has the following credit requirements from each of the following disciplines:

MA-703 Partial Differential Equations

Systems Engineering
GE-601 System Dynamics
GE-611 Numerical Methods
GE-612 Simulation and Modeling

Industrial Engineering
IE-612 Operations Research
IE-613 Quality Engineering

Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering
Choice of four core courses from EE and/or ME

Two courses from AE, EE, GE, IE, ME, PH, CS or EM

Engineering Project Option
GE-796 Proposal Development
GE-797 Engineering Project I
GE-798 Engineering Project II


Non-project Option:
EE/ME 7-8XX Core V
EE/ME 7-8XX Core VI
GE-791 Engineering Specialty Paper

Objectives and Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

  • Graduates create new value in a process or product at their workplace through application of advanced engineering skills and knowledge
  • Graduates advance in their careers as a direct result of completing the degree

Student Outcomes

Graduates of the MSE program will:

  • be able to utilize advanced mathematics, with a primary focus on numerical methods and models, to solve engineering problems involving multivariate differential systems
  • have demonstrated an ability to apply advanced engineering principles to complex problems in his or her chosen specialty
  • have demonstrated an ability to integrate and analyze information in a chosen specialty in the form of scholarly work, either as an independent specialty paper or as an independent engineering project
  • have the ability to effectively present and communicate technical concepts, both orally and in writing

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