M.S. in Perfusion

Curriculum Content

PE 673 – Advanced Physiology I 3 credits
PE 7010 – Clinical Extra-Corporeal Perfusion I 4 credits
PE 651 – Seminar on Medical Ethics 2 credits
PE 7101 – Clinical Perfusion Practicum I 2 credits

PE 674 – Advanced Physiology II 3 credits
PE 675 – Pathophysiology 3 credits
PE 7021 – Clinical Extra-Corporeal Perfusion II 2 credits
PE 7102 – Clinical Perfusion Practicum II 3 credits

PE 670 – Pharmacology 3 credits
PE 601 – Analysis of Biological Systems 3 credits
PE 7031 – Clinical Extra-Corporeal Perfusion III 2 credits
PE 7103 – Clinical Perfusion Practicum III 3 credits
PE 650 – Seminar on Clinical Medicine 2 credits

PE 7051 – Clinical Extra-Corporeal Perfusion IV 2 credits
PE 7104 – Clinical Perfusion Practicum IV 3 credits

PE 647 – The Design of Experiments 3 credits
PE 7000 – Extra-Corporeal Perfusion Laboratory 2 credits
PE 7041 – Pediatric Extra-Corporeal Perfusion 2 credits
PE 7105 – Clinical Perfusion Practicum V 3 credits

PE 699 – Master’s Thesis 6 credits
PE 7106 – Clinical Perfusion Practicum VI 3 credits

Program Educational Objectives

The objectives of the MSP program are that, within one year of graduation:

  • all graduates will become certified clinical perfusionists (CCPs).
  • each graduating class will collectively score above the national average on the certification exam.
  • all new graduates will be employed in the field of perfusion, if that is their desire.
  • all graduates will report meeting the performance and behavioral standards needed in their profession.
  • all employers will report satisfaction with the behavior and performance of the graduates.

Student Outcomes

The outcomes of the MSP program are that each student, at the time of graduation, will:

  • demonstrate advanced knowledge in the areas of cardiovascular science.
  • have acquired the clinical skills needed to provide quality perfusion services to the patient.
  • be able to formulate, design, perform, analyze, and communicate the results of a research project.
  • demonstrate initiative in their professional activities

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