Minor in Technical Communication

Strong communication skills are listed as a must-have on nearly every job application, no matter what your major or background. Having a minor in technical communication is a great way to show employers that you have the technical abilities and communication skills to get the job done. You’ll take courses in areas like composition, speech, presentation, writing and applications that will improve both written and oral communication. Gain confidence when making group presentations and learn how to present material clearly and concisely.

The technical communication minor requires a minimum of 27 quarter credits in English, TC or eligible HU/SS courses.

Required Courses:

EN-131 Composition
EN-132 Technical Composition
EN-241 Speech

Required Courses for University Scholars students:

GS-1010 Honors Seminar I
GS-1020 Honors Seminar II
GS-1030 Honors Seminar III

Approved Courses:

Fifteen to 18 additional credits are required (15 for University Scholars students), with at least one TC or EN class taken from each of the following groups:

TC-151 Theory of Human Communication
TC-351 Organizational Communication
TC-451 Mass Communication
TC-453 Intercultural Communication
TC-1111 Introduction to Technical Communication
HU-4200 Introduction to Linguistics
HU-439 Philosophy of Technology
HU-494 Creative Thinking

EN-342 Group Discussion
TC-242 Persuasive Speech
EN-441 Professional Presentations (AE or CM students only)
TC-342 Professional Presentations
TC-452 Interpersonal Communication

TC-332 Advanced Technical Writing
EN-432 Business Communication
TC-432 Writing and Editing for Publication
TC-495 Selected Topics in TC

TC-172 Desktop Publishing
TC-261 Research Methods
TC-321 Visual Design Techniques
TC-381 Marketing Communication
TC-433 Knowledge Management
TC-498 TC Practicum
SS-464 Human Factors in Engineering and Design

In special cases, the TC program director may approve substitutions. Please contact the program director for details.

Minor Coordinator:

Dr. Nadya Shalamova
Assistant Professor

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