Accelerated Second Degree B.S. in Nursing

Student Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate is expected to:

  • Provide competent, caring, holistic nursing care to clients across the lifespan through analytical use of the nursing process.
  • Consistently employ effective communication skills with clients and multidisciplinary teams in a variety of health care settings.
  • Incorporate principles of health promotion, maintenance and restoration to empower, clients to achieve optimal health.
  • Assume a professional role that is responsive to the needs of society.
  • Articulate the evolution of one’s goals and philosophy of nursing.
  • Establishes a pattern of lifelong learning.
  • Integrate appropriate technology when providing professional nursing care.
  • Provide leadership when collaborating with other health care team members and communities in assuming accountability for nursing care outcomes.
  • Integrate critical thinking skills, in diverse situations.
  • Synthesize research findings and knowledge from the humanities and sciences into professional nursing practice.

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