The Rapid Prototyping Center (RPC) is a powerful ally that helps businesses achieve prototype quickly and take products to market faster. This joint effort of industry, government and MSOE is dedicated to the application of proven technologies to novel challenges.


Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Harley-Davidson, Bombardier Recreational Products, Ecolab, Trane Co., Oshkosh Truck and HUSCO International have already taken advantage of the multiple additive manufacturing solutions offered by RPC. With state of the art 3-D scanning technology and all five commercially available rapid prototyping systems, RPC can reduce the time and cost of industrial products ranging from functional models to full-scale production.


RPC’s research wing RP-Research, compliments and advances RPC’s core mission. RP-research continues to make leaps and bounds in the realm of research in additive technologies and hybrid fabrication for medical, aerospace, fluid power, metal fabrication, nano-tech, and bio-tech applications. Product designs emerging from RP-research are in use around the world. Structures and processes developed in the RP-Research laboratory extend the realm of what is possible in rapid prototyping. Connect with RPC to learn more about this research powerhouse.