Business Excellence Consortium®

Membership in the BEC is a cost-effective, value-added way for companies and their employees to gain the relationships, tools and resources needed to effectively move their businesses forward, faster.

The BEC membership is simple. We offer a single membership for the entire organization. The membership includes every facility within an organization and is not limited in any way.

Membership is a one-time fee of $3,000. The fee can be paid to the Business Excellence Consortium by check or credit card. View the BEC membership form. Please contact us for more details.

The membership fee includes:

  • Becoming a part of a network of organizations and experts that understand the drive for increased improvement and world-class performance.
  • No cost referrals to vetted professional consultants in a wide variety of areas.
  • Participation in and advance notice of free events hosted at MSOE and other BEC partner locations.
  • A reduced rate on coaching, training, implementation activities, training, and seminars delivered at MSOE.
  • A reduced rate on development of customized education plans and curriculum for delivery at your organization’s location.
  • A reduced rate on MSOE non-credit education offerings that fulfill professional development hour requirements for PE licensure.
  • Access to MSOE’s Business and Management Video Collection to help with training needs.
  • A bi-monthly newsletter that shares best practices.
  • Access to the MSOE Career Services Department’s Web-based job search mechanism, “Career Net“, to locate potential employees.
  • Access to online networking sites to connect with other BEC members/partners.
  • Adding a partner that cares about your success and longevity.

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