Lean Sigma Green Belt Certificate and Certification

Lean Sigma Green Belt students learn the roadmaps and Green Belt tools to improve processes dramatically. Green Belts tend to work on smaller scoped projects than Black Belts do and their tool set is not as statistically based. Nevertheless, Green Belts often form the majority of horsepower in Lean Sigma deployments. Lean Sigma is the integration of the Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies.

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Green Belt training is a two week class including a combination of Green Belt and Black Belt candidates. Candidates wishing to train to the Black Belt level are required to complete the Green Belt training before proceeding to Black Belt training. The Lean Sigma training provides a solid foundation in Six Sigma methodologies along with Lean tools.

Training is action-oriented, using the model of Plan, Train, Apply and Review throughout the event and project work. Simulation exercises, experiential training, team projects and case studies give students a hands-on learning experience.

Participants are required to bring a laptop to training.

Course Content – Green Belt Level

  • Define: Identifying Needs, Project Chartering, Team Formation, Leading a Project
  • Measure: Mapping Tools, Understanding Current State, Risk Assessment, Metrics & Measures, Basic Statistics, Minitab & Data, Measurement Systems Validation, Passive Data Study Preparation
  • Analyze: Statistical Hypotheses, Making Comparisons (to a standard, one-one, multiple), Testing Relationships
  • Improve & Control: 5s, Setup Reduction, Visual Management, Control Methods, SPC, Validating Results, Change Management

Outcomes – Green Belt Level

  • Understanding of the process and Green Belt tools
  • Ability to deliver project results within a process
  • Typical Green Belt project durations range from a few weeks to a few months
  • Green Belt project results range from $50,000 to $500,000
  • Project leaders who can assess processes and identify and prioritize optimal projects
  • Project leaders who will bring new Lean Sigma skills back to their work areas

Registration Information

Please register early! A minimum number of registrants is required to conduct the training. This decision will be based on the number of registrations received two weeks prior to the first day of class.

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