This past Saturday, MSOE’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) hosted a “beach bash” at Milwaukee’s infamous Bradford Beach just blocks from campus. Student from all over campus joined in the fun by grilling out, and playing any and every game that can be played at the beach. While some people ran right passed the grill to get in a game of ultimate Frisbee (which is a one of the most popular club sports at MSOE), others hung out by the grill where all the free burgers, brats and hotdogs were being served. When faces were done being stuffed, students divided up to start games of beach volleyball and football. In games full of epic dives and questionable hits, everyone had fun. That was until the east facing side found out that if they hit the ball high enough everyone on the team facing west wouldn’t be able to see. It became a “swing and hope you hit it” type game which is as hard to play as it sounds.

When the games concluded, and all were tired from the day’s events, students sat on the rocks overlooking the beautiful lake to take time to catch up on the lives of their friends. MSOE is a small community that is built on big relationships and this event is just one example of that.

Written by Zach (JZ) Crouse
Junior Biomolecular Student