Sitting in the center of Europe is Lille, France; a capitol of European culture that is both youthful and dynamic and now MSOE students have the opportunity to spend their summer there! Lille Catholic University is our newest study abroad destination and offers students programs in science and engineering taught in English, planned weekly field trips (including Burges and Brussels) and access to student housing and facilities at the university. There are also two student scholarships available to help cover the cost of the program and weekends are free for students to travel wherever they wish.

Here is what a few of our students have said about their experience in Lille:

“My experience in Lille was nothing short of amazing! I met many fantastic people with whom I had the opportunity to explore Western Europe with and experience a different type of life. I would return in a heartbeat!” – Brett Steffen


“More than being just a trip to a foreign country with some classes, the European exchange program is a once in a lifetime experience. More so than the classes or the knowledge gained from being in Europe, the most insightful part of the trip is the picture you can build of other cultures by simply interacting with the other people in the program and in foreign countries. The friends you gain in the program are one of a kind and the undertakings you embark upon in Europe will stay with you always.”  – Ryan Zdroik

For MSOE, Lille is another one of the many diverse and wonderful places for our students to travel in order to learn about the world—and themselves.