Students in computer and software engineering have the option to take a course elective this winter in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The course covers the basic concepts of AI systems.

Topics include:

  • Knowledge Representation
  • Search Strategies
  • Machine Learning

Throughout the course, we consider the development of intelligent agents such as: software programs that use knowledge representation techniques to make logical decisions and inferences from what we know as well as use search strategies to identify solutions to problems. We will also consider machine learning to allow our agents to learn by improving their performance through training or direct interaction with their environment. Students complete exercises that allow them to apply AI techniques to a variety of interesting problems in gaming, diagnostics, prediction, data mining and machine learning. AI is my favorite course and I am currently using AI techniques to learn models that will automatically extract information about relations between entities in large collections of text.

By: Dr. Jay Urbain – Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science