Industrial engineering senior design projects typically involve working with outside companies. My partner, Jonathon Cerny, and I worked with JAX, Inc. JAX, Inc. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial and food-grade lubricants. Through our project, JAX wanted to increase their throughput and decrease their lead time without adding employees. We starting the project by going into the company to observe the current process and find out what kind of ideas the employees already had. Based on their ideas and the industrial engineering skills we’ve learned at MSOE (along with our internship experiences), we developed possible solutions. One of my favorite aspects of the project was that we actually got to see our recommendations implemented! Overall, senior design was a great experience! We got to manage a project, use a variety of industrial engineering skills, and act as consultants; all while we were still students. It was fantastic! This experience, along with the knowledge of skills I’ve gained studying here at MSOE has allowed me to move on to my next big endeavor, Project Manager at Epic. I can’t wait!