My name is Ray and I am a senior nursing student. I have been in clinical, for what seems forever, because of the number of clinical hours I have received here at MSOE. I started clinical my sophomore year and every trimester since then has had one or even two clinical rotations in it. I feel that the nursing department here at MSOE really strives to get us as many different opportunities as possible. I have worked in a nursing home, a nursery, labor and delivery, periop, post-op/recovery, day surgery, the operating room, a medical/surgical floor, high schools, and even free clinics. The best part besides helping all those people is I have not even graduated yet. A nice thing about getting around to all of these different places is that I got to work with different people and I could tell you stories about all the patients because each one has taught me a life lesson or taught me something about myself. For example, my very first patient that I worked with taught me that even if you are old and have major health issues, all you need is one nurse to stop treating you like a patient and start treating you like a person to regain hope and have a positive outlook on life.