This past Thursday, three fellow Admissions Ambassadors and I took a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM). The museum is only a few blocks from MSOE and overlooks the dazzling Lake Michigan shoreline. The architecture of the building, the Quadracci Pavilion, was designed by a Milwaukee based engineering firm and was completed in May of 2001. The architecture is unique in that it includes a movable wing-like structure that opens during the day to spans around 220 feet outwards. This striking design has made the building a hallmark of the city of Milwaukee. The MAM offers free admission to the public the first Thursday of every month. There are tons of cool exhibits that span many genres, time periods, and civilizations.

On the lower level there was a Face Jug exhibit which encompassed much 19th century art based from South Carolina. Face Jugs are one of the few forms of slave-based artwork that have survived. These face jugs are pottery jugs with expressive faces on the front. Face jugs are occasionally still made in the present day. One such example is a jug made by Brian Gills, an Oregon based artist, labeled Of Ghosts and Speculation: An Archive and a Mine. The jug has compartments on the interior that hold all known information about the historic Face Jugs including social, chemical and historical facts in order to preserve them for further interpretation and study. MSOE helped with the creation and design of Brian’s Face Jug and has its logo inscribed on the back of the jug for all to see!

Written by Kate Scherer – Business Management Student ‘14