My name is Emily Black, and I am the new AmeriCorps *VISTA volunteer on campus. I operate out of the office of Servant Leadership, and I will be on campus helping to alleviate poverty in the community. I serve as a liaison between MSOE and a local non-profit Our Next Generation (ONG). ONG provides a number of programs that MSOE supports: Homework Club, Outbound Tutoring, High School Connection, and so on. These programs help address the very real need to have students in the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) system graduate with a degree. Did you know that in the community where ONG is located, less than 40% of children will graduate from high school?!? ONG helps students in inner-Milwaukee finish high school, and that high school diploma helps the odds of the students breaking free of the grip of poverty. The graduation rate of youth that go through ONG’s program is over 95%! I want to enable students at MSOE to share their academic skills with a demographic that is preparing for post high school…and maybe plant the seed that they, too, can come to MSOE some day! I hope to establish a sustainable relationship between MSOE and ONG that will last beyond my year of service. There are many opportunities for students at MSOE to get involved with ONG. Whether you enjoy working directly with kids or not, doing yard work, or maybe fixing computers…ONG needs your help! You don’t have to have experience. Right now I’m looking for tutors to work with kids on their homework at ONG on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I’m also recruiting MSOE students to work on robotics with the kids on campus on Thursdays. Won’t you consider volunteering with ONG?