At MSOE, we like to think of creative ways to help students keep calm and relaxed and what better way to do that than feed them all the free pizza a college kid can handle? Through the Student Life office, MSOE’s Greek organizations host the “Decompression Chamber” which is on the Thursday before finals week and where students can help themselves to all the pizza they can eat. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! Each Fraternity and Sorority pick a separate type of pizza to serve and include tasty (and legal) beverages. Some people might ask, “How can gorging yourself full of free, delicious pizza eliminate the stress of studying for finals?” We would ask, “How could it not?”

MSOE students take care of each other and this time of year we want to make sure that everyone is prepared for the long finals week ahead. So if you find yourself stressing out about finals and need a break, make sure you stop by the next decompression chamber and grab your favorite slice. At the very least, if this doesn’t help calm your nerves before your exams, being put into a food coma should! A strong sense of campus community is very important to MSOE and here we do whatever it takes to make sure our students are taken care of… even if that means stuffing their faces full of pizza. Good luck on finals, everyone! They’ll be a piece a cake. Actually, make that a slice a pie!

By: Tommy Wojtowicz, Junior Electrical Engineering Student