Two students generously donated their time this summer to work with kids from Our Next Generation’s summer programming. Cameron Schulz and Brett Foster are both headed into their junior year at MSOE. Our Next Generation is a non-profit after school community center located 3 miles away from campus in the poverty-stricken 3rd district. Our Next Generation makes an important investment in the Milwaukee community by offering children support to become successful adults. Cameron, through the help of a mentor, developed an interest in rocketry and made a decision to pay it forward. He created a curriculum, ordered supplies, recruited Brett, and together they went to West Side Academy ll (the gathering place for Our Next Generation’s summer program). With a little assistance from MSOE’s Department of Servant Leadership, all the planning became a reality.

Through this 5 week project, the kids learned how to assemble their own rockets. This was an opportunity for them to learn patience and discipline using basic supplies like cardboard, string, and Elmer’s glue. Cameron and Brett also arranged for a representative from MSOE’s Office of Admissions to come speak about the school. This was a chance for kids to learn about STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with hands-on experience and to introduce them to a new subject. MSOE demonstrates that science is cool!

While the official rocket launching has been postponed, the kids hearts are set on the big day . The rocketry program has strengthened the relationship MSOE has with the local community and Cameron and Brett stand as leaders among their peers and more importantly among Milwaukee’s at-risk youth. This project has gained sustainability and, in conjunction with a robotics program, will continue into the fall!  A big thanks to Cameron and Brett. –By Emily Black, Office of Servant-Leadership