Every year the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has a competition to see which school has the best engineers. The two staples of this competition are the Concrete Canoe and the Steel Bridge, with other smaller “Mini-Comps” being done for points as well. This year, the regional competition that MSOE participated in was held in Peoria, IL. As a member of the Steel Bridge Construction team, it was my job to build the bridge as quickly as possible, while following strict rules like only holding one member at a time, making sure every connection has a bolt, and not stepping outside my boundaries. This is all done to try and simulate building an actual bridge as much as possible. Then, the judges make sure that we meet all the required specifications for size, weight, and lateral deflection (The amount of movement produced when a force is applied to the side of the bridge). We passed all of those tests with no problem, which then lead to the main event; load testing! We put a total of 1500 lbs on the bridge and then measure the deflection, which is where our bridge really showed its colors. We had the Stiffest Bridge at competition! We also had the best looking bridge which got us 1st in display, and took 2nd in Construction Time, Economy, and Weight, giving us the 2nd bridge at completion overall, with the concrete canoe taking 4th. All of this put us at 2nd for the entire conference, which means that we will be 1 of 50 teams competing at the National Level in South Carolina the weekend of May 26th!