Hi, my name is Kathleen Keough and I am a Biomolecular Engineering Junior at MSOE.

Over this past summer, I pursued a study abroad experience. I did this through a Boren Scholarship. I studied abroad over the summer so that I would not be behind in school.  Studying abroad was a life-changing experience. I lived in L’viv, Ukraine, which is the most westernized area of Ukraine. I lived with other students from Ukraine, Australia, Germany, Britain, and Canada as well as the United States.

While in L’viv, I attended school every day to study the Ukrainian language and participate in cultural experiences, such as dressing up in traditional Ukrainian clothes or making traditional Ukrainian food, (which is delicious).

During my time there, I was also able to visit many other areas of Ukraine, such as the capital city of Kyiv, the ocean port city of Odessa, the region of Ivano-Frankivsk, the Carpathian mountains, and Lutsk.

I was also able to visit other European cities, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, and Krakow. While I was visiting Krakow I had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz, which was a big deal for me since I have read many books about the Holocaust and it was very affecting to see the results of the Holocaust in person.

I definitely think that studying abroad and studying other languages and culture is something every student should consider. As much as I learned about the Ukrainian language and culture in school, the most important concepts I took away from that country were things I learned directly from the people.

It was an experience I will never forget, and one I hope to repeat in the near future.