Supermileage has started again and is going full steam ahead! There is good reason for this, too: a new car is in store for the year! That’s right, as if one 842 mpg vehicle wasn’t enough; the team is gearing up to put two cars on the track at this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon. The April deadline has everyone working very hard to stay on track with their designs. Before too long, construction will begin and the new car will start coming to life!

The new design is very exciting, sporting a carbon fiber chassis, Kamm-back body design, fuel injection, and a continuously variable transmission. Design teams have been collaborating with local businesses and MSOE faculty to engineer a car which they hope will surpass 1500 miles per gallon. After the last car drove 100 miles in a weekend, burning less than 16 ounces of gasoline, reliability is a big shoe to fill as well. Stay tuned for more updates as the project continues!