Just before our spring break, the SuperMileage team took a long drive down to Houston, Texas, to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon. At this event were more than 100 high efficiency vehicles from over 70 different high schools and universities. Not only were there gasoline cars, but those powered by diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, propane, vegetable oil, hydrogen, and solar energy. MSOE was able to make 5 attempts in the gasoline class. The first went well, but the set time limit was surpassed and the run was not counted. On the first successful run, the car achieved 403 mpg using an un-altered lawnmower engine. While this was a great start for the team, it would not suffice. In the next run, a tire would explode, sending our car spinning out on the track, putting us in the pits for some time. Finally, a high school team who would later win the competition donated us a tire, putting us back on track, quite literally. Remarkably, we changed only the tire pressure and driving technique (two things you can do in your own car!), before getting 633 miles per gallon. With the winner achieving an outstanding 2189 mpg, we ranked 17th in our class: a good result, but merely a stepping stone towards our potential.