If you are a car guy like I am, then a car that never goes faster than 40 miles per hour and driving it gently to get the best fuel economy probably doesn’t spark your interest the way a formula race car might. The problem is, students aren’t able to join the Formula Hybrid or Baja teams until they get to their senior year. SuperMileage, on the other hand, fills the void by accepting freshman, sophomores, and juniors, allowing them to get engineering experience before moving on to senior design. That is why I decided to join the team last year.

As it turns out, it was the best decision I have made yet. It is a spectacular thing to watch shapes that are sketched on paper go into a computer, and then to production, until the car that you once drew with a pencil is sitting in front of you. The project is a unique opportunity to put classroom knowledge to work. In just one year, I learned how to lay up carbon fiber and fiberglass, design intricate, flowing shapes on SolidWorks, tune an engine on a dyno, and countless other things that I would never have learned from classes my freshman year. Not only is it fun to do hands on work like that, but it looks excellent on a résumé. Many past members say that the interviews they had with past employers focused primarily on their work with SuperMileage. Last year, we built a car that achieved 340mpg, and this year we have our sights set on 1000+ mpg. Stay tuned to learn how we plan on doing that!