This is Part II of “The Birth of Unit 4″. Read Part I.

When he told his idea to his brother, Steve, and his room mate and friend Jake, the inspiration was shared. They all have their talents, Henry knows about the bikes, Steve is very artistic and mechanically oriented: he painted the prototype. Jake purchased the bicycle and an engine kit from China after further research. The three boys drove to Walmart to get a new bicycle brought it home, dissembled it, and Steve painted the brown bike flat -black. After reassembly and the arrival of the Engine kit, Jake and Henry built the bike over a 2 week period- with no instructions; as none were provided! After help from some friends and a few long nights, the motorbike was running! Currently there are still some bugs to work out and things to fix, but once friends started to see the potential for these high MPG bicycles with a retro look, a small business idea was born. All they needed was a name. Previously, Henry, Steve and Jake had a fictitious business called 5/2′s (Five-halfs) productions. This was due to Henry and Steve living on the 2nd floor, and Jake living on the 5th floor of MSOE’s MLH residence hall, freshman year of college. Their groups name is now UNIT 4- as these three friends live in an ‘apartment #4′ in Milwaukee.

Rumor spread about the motor bicycle after a few trips to campus.  Henry explained the idea behind the bike and showed off some digital advertisements Steve had made from some professional photographs he had taken. All things considered, they are in the early stages of an entrepreneurial quest, not a scary task with our academic knowledge from MSOE and their own drive for success, and of course, fun!