3rd year MSOE students in the BioMolecular Engineering program have just formed the first BioMolecular Senior Design teams for this next year. Some of the inaugural senior design projects will involve:

1. Studying the effects of mutations on a protein involved in eyelid development.

2. Comparing protein regions in the flu virus in an attempt to find regions suitable for vaccine selection.
3. Producing cellulose in bacteria – a possible cheap source of fuel.
4. Producing a cheap source of plasma, the 4th state of matter, in order to drive medical applications such as disinfection and cancer treatment.

The 3rd year students are currently meeting with their Senior Design advisors to discuss organization and what the first steps are in starting this new phase of their studies. This is definitely an exciting time in the BioMolecular Engineering program. We look forward to sharing updates with you, as these trailblazing MSOE students move forward in the design process.