My name is Amy and I am a sophomore nursing student. I will be starting lab clinicals here in the Winter Quarter. I am really excited to get the opportunity to work in our lab. We have some really awesome state of that art equipment that allows us to get good practical experience before we actually go to the hospitals and work with other people. I’m hoping this really prepares me and allows me to be comfortable working at the clinic sites because the patient care is the most important aspect. Also being prepared for clinical allows you to make a connection with these hospitals that could be your employer later on if you leave a good impression. In our clinical lab we will be able to practice all of the techniques we’ll use in hospitals as well as procedures such as starting an IV. There are also many simulation men, women, even children that are able to act out real live situations and are able to talk to you and convey things like heart and respiratory rates as well as other problems. One of our SIMs is even able to give birth! I cannot wait to work more with our Nursing faculty in clinical labs and begin to understand more of our role as a nurse in the work setting!