• Question

    To the Admissions Office:   I am Patricia Dennis, and am considering applying to yourUniversity.  First, I have a fewquestions. Do you have an honors program? Where do the nursing students doclinicals? Do y...
    Patricia Dennis
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  • Biomedical Engineering Job Outlook?

    I was wondering if I could get any insight from the biomedical engineering students as to what their job outlook looks like and where they are looking to go. Also I was wondering what some of the internships and proje...
    Cameron Freund
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  • How can I submitt my documents?

    I have applied to MSOE. I am an international student, how can i submitt my official documents?
    Anosh Naeem
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  • Eagle Scout

    Does MSOE offer any scholarship for students that are eagle scouts?
    Nils Hay
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  • Admission requirements

    Ok so I realky want to go to msoe, but i am so close to being able to reach the admissions requirements. I got a 21 on my act and a 500 on the math part of my sat. Im close to a 3.0 but I had a bad year last year so m...
    Erik Wirtz
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  • ACT Scores

    If I selected MSOE as one of the places to receive my ACT scores when I registered for the ACT exam, do I need to do anything else to get them submitted as part of the Application Process? How soon after the test sco...
    Cameron Sauve
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  • acceptance

    How and when do I find out if I have been accepted.
    Naomi capes
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  • Acceptance

    Will I get a letter through the mail about my acceptance?
    Daksh Patel
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  • Application status?

    Is there a way to check if the MSOE office of admissions has received my transcript and ACT scores?
    Daksh Patel
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  • How do i check my application status?

    I have recently applied here and have submitted my application, but i haven't the slightest clue as to the status. Can anyone help?
    William Hayes
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  • AP Credits

    When filling out my application how do I figure out the number of credits I have earned through AP tests.
    Ian Farnam
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  • Accepted Students

    I received my acceptance letter a few weeks ago and imagine others have as well. As of right now there is a fairly good chance that MSOE is where I will be attending (depending on money, of course). Is there anywhere ...
    Matthew Korus
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  • submitted application

    Is there a way to review a submitted application?
    Dakota Worzella
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  • Your Freshman year experience

    Hi,  I am a incoming freshman and applied in MSOE. I am interested in knowing your freshman experience in MSOE.  I have attended the summer camp and really liked it. Thank you.
  • If I come to MSOE as a Nursing student, do I need to get the technology package or is that only necessary for engineers?

    I'm trying to decide on a laptop to buy for my senior year of high school since the rest of my family is also going to school and working full time and we will all need computers to do our work, so I need to buy mysel...
    Kelli Rutkowski
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  • class registration?

    First, is class registration a thing at msoe or are the class programs preset? Second, if it is a thing, when and where do I do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to joining you all this fall at ...
    jacob krupp
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  • Laptops

    I'm an incoming freshman and I am wondering what to do about my laptop situation. I have my own laptop and I did not neccessarily want to get the one MSOE would give me unless I absolutely needed it. I was told that i...
    Papa Yorke
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  • MSOE Choir

    Hi everyone,   So I'm new to the Bridge, but definitely a prospective student. I visited a few days ago to learn more about the school, and it's definitely one of my top choices already. Granted, I'm only a juni...
    Ryan Koeppen
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  • For an International Transfer Student

    I had a question please , if I want to apply as a part time undergraduate student (6 credits / quarter ), do I have to submit a bank statement showing the full time tuition & fees (47,000 $ ) or just the part time...
    Hadeel Wafa
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  • Credit Transfer

    Hello,   I am interested in transferring to MSOE for mechanical engineering. I have completed year one of a Mechanical engineering program in a university in my country and I would like to know the procedure for...
    Shakoor Dahlan
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