• Early Action Deadline

    When are the deadlines for early action and default deadline applications for the 2015-2016 year?
    Evan Akers
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  • Basic concerns

    Yes I'm interested in this school but I'm looking to find a great place to stay also. Furthermore does this school provided hardship scholarships. 
    Hylisha Ambler
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  • Math placement

    I received my schedule and am scheduled for Precalculus math even though I did precalculus in high school and did well. I want to get in Calculus. How do I do that?
    Papa Yorke
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  • PLTW Credit

    How do I go about receiving credit from my PLTW classes? Thanks for any help!
    Alexandria Muench
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  • Bikes on Campus

    My sister attend college in California in a town considered the 2nd safest community in the United States but got her locked bike stolen right outside her residence hall.  I want to bring my bike to school but ho...
    Paul Wichmann
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  • Admission Counselor?

    I was wondering who my Admission Counselor is so I can email them about some stuff that is bothering me
    Akshay Verma
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  • Register For Classes

    Does anybody know any information on when we start registering for our classes?
    Jesseka Lipscomb
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  • Transfer credit

    Hello I'm interesting  in starting at msoe at the fall semester  but i have a two years degree from overseas that i need to evaluate how does msoe evaluation process is ? Do i have to send my transcripts...
    Ehab Abdullah
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  • Job in Admissions?

    I am a freshman nursing student here at MSOE and I know I am going to need a job on campus next school year. I do qualify for Work-Study and I was wondering how someone could come to have a job in admissions. I think ...
    Hali Peterson
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  • Class sign up

    When is class sign up available for fall for incoming transfer students?
    Caleb Silveus
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  • Double Major vs. Biomedical Engineering

    In dicussing potential paths for her future, my student is wondering what the difference between career paths and future employment might be if you double majored in Bioengineering and medical vs. MSOE's Biomedical pr...
    Mandy Runnalls
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  • Changing Careers

    Hi, I am looking into changing my career to civil engineering.  I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, but I want to go back to school for civil engineering.  I would like to get information to...
    Dustin Mihm
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  • Engineering Discovery Days!

    The Pre-College Department is excited to be hosting EDD! We are expecting to have over 600 PLTW teens join us over the course of two days!  We have selected great student orgs to host hands-on activities for the ...
    Codi Alger
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  • MSOE Honors Program and Class Sizes

    Two questions:   1) Does MSOE have any sort of Honors Program?   2) Approximately how many students make up the freshmen class for any given year?
    Joseph Ashley
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  • how is the civil engineering program from this university?

    hi i am newly applying for this university.could please help to get i20
    Chava Suresh Babu
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  • AP Credits

    How do AP Calculus BC credits transfer? I know that the AP test score needed to earn any credit is a 4 or 5, but how would this change my schedule as a freshman next year?
    Miya Preston
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  • When will Presidential Scholarships be anounced and awarded?

    When will Presidential Scholarships be announced and awarded?  How may types are there?
    K B
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  • Application Status?

    I sent my ACT scores and my transcripts what else is there to do? Is there a checklist somewhere?
    Diana Delgado Gomez
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  • How to check my application status?

    Hye, I have submitted my International Undergraduate application online today (02/17/2014) How am I able to check my application status and what are the documents that you have received?     Thank you.
    Faizul Jasmi
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  • Financial Aid Hotline

    Have questions regarding financial aid?  Getting stuck on the FAFSA?  Wondering what other scholarships, grants, and loans are available for you?  Make sure to give the Financial Aid Hotline a call!
    Megan Waelti
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