• AP Credits

    How do AP Calculus BC credits transfer? I know that the AP test score needed to earn any credit is a 4 or 5, but how would this change my schedule as a freshman next year?
    Miya Preston
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  • When will Presidential Scholarships be anounced and awarded?

    When will Presidential Scholarships be announced and awarded?  How may types are there?
    K B
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  • Application Status?

    I sent my ACT scores and my transcripts what else is there to do? Is there a checklist somewhere?
    Diana Delgado Gomez
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  • How to check my application status?

    Hye, I have submitted my International Undergraduate application online today (02/17/2014) How am I able to check my application status and what are the documents that you have received?     Thank you.
    Faizul Jasmi
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  • If I come to MSOE as a Nursing student, do I need to get the technology package or is that only necessary for engineers?

    I'm trying to decide on a laptop to buy for my senior year of high school since the rest of my family is also going to school and working full time and we will all need computers to do our work, so I need to buy mysel...
    Kelli Rutkowski
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  • Considering a double-major

    I recently got accepted into the construction management program at MSOE, but I was pondering whether I should go for a double major in Civil Engineering as well. If anyone who pursued a double major, I'd like to know...
    Ethan Samberg
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  • Financial Aid Hotline

    Have questions regarding financial aid?  Getting stuck on the FAFSA?  Wondering what other scholarships, grants, and loans are available for you?  Make sure to give the Financial Aid Hotline a call!
    Megan Waelti
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  • Presidential Scholarship

    Wondering when Presidential Scholarship interviews may take place?
    Bridget Runner
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  • Submitting the Presidential Scholarship

    I submitted my essay for the presidential scholarship through mail, but recently I've seen alot of responses to other questions that said to email the essay. Should I re-send my essay through e-mail?
    Erika Kubowitsch
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  • When is freshman move in date in Aug. 2014.  My husband must request all of his vacations for the year on January 29th.  Thank you.

    when is freshmen move in date in Aug 2014?  My husband must request off of work for the entire year on January 29th.  Thank you.
    Kathy Landowski
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  • Transfer Student

    If a student wants to transfer to MSOE when does the application have to be in for the Fall 2014 semester
    Cindy Fleischman
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  • New student

    Hi people, am a student from Kenya and I really love MSOE and i really want to join it some time after summer and i need your advice on everything.. I  want to enroll for software engineering.....
    Marvin Gachoka
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  • When to expect a decision

    I applied late 2013 and finally got all my updated information in during December (I was just waiting on test scores).  I know there were tech issues right around this time, so I asked my admissions counselor whe...
    Chris Kloehn
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  • MSOE

    Why did you chose MSOE?
    Benjamin Brandsmeier
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  • Admission requirements help

         Durring my Junior year of High school, I thought I was set on a Psychology major. Now looking back during my Senior year, having changed my Major to Computer Science or Software Engineering, m...
    Sebastian Montoya
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  • What are the requirements for the Presidential Scholarship?

    What are the requirements for the Presidential Scholarship?
    Mandy Runnalls
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  • I missed the presidential scholarship deadline. Can I still submit it now?

    Hello. I feel terrible, but I missed the presidential scholarship deadline. I was at a friend's from New Year's Eve until today, as the roads were bad and wasn't able to drive on them. I had worked on my essay and was...
    Cassie Giamarusti
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  • Pro's and Con's of MSOE?

    Any advice for soon to be freshmen looking into this college from out of state?
    Taylor Carman
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  • Can't get past Step 2!

    Hello!      I'm Marc and I applied at MSOE. I sent in my application, my Transcript, SAT/ACT scores, EVERYTHING! The only problem is, I don't know where to check my application progress. The little...
    Marc Lind
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  • How do you check your admission process?

    I am not sure where to go to check my application process.
    Alberto Villanueva
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