Welcome to this week's edition of Money Monday! If you spent a bit too much money this past week assembling the perfect Halloween costume and didn't win that costume contest you had your eye on, this post is just the treat you need. No tricks here, just the opportunity to win free money and score internships too.



(But seriously though? Feel free to comment with thoughts )


NEW Today

AE and CVE students: $2,000 ASCE Scholarship

Scholarship for active duty or veteran military members

MSOE-only scholarships still open

$4,000 EAA Chapter 838 scholarship

ME Students: $10,000 UCC scholarship PLUS internship

Scholarships open to ALL majors

BG Scholarship - Due Thursday!

Spokeo Connections Scholarship

Best of luck to all who apply!


Do you have a balance?  Are you looking for assistance to pay your balance?  Below are two supplemental loan options to assist you:


One option is the Federal Direct PLUS Loan.  This is a credit based loan in which the parent can borrow up to the cost of education minus the financial aid already received.  The PLUS loan has a 4.3% loan fee and interest will accrue while the student is in school (the interest rate is a fixed 6.41%).  The PLUS loan goes into repayment 60 days after it is fully disbursed for the year but parents can request to defer payments while the student is in school.  For more information on this loan, you can visit the following link: http://www.msoe.edu/community/admissions/financial-aid/page/1806/federal-direct-plus-loans


A second option is a credit based alternative student loan that would be in the student's name.  This type of loan allows the student to borrow up to the cost of education minus the financial aid already received.  Interest will accrue while the student is in school but no payments are required while the student is in school (the interest rate varies by loan program but can change monthly and has no cap).  For alternative loans, students will need a credit worthy cosigner.  The terms of each loan vary by lender but if you visit the following link, you can look at a comparison chart of alternative loan lenders:  http://www.msoe.edu/community/admissions/financial-aid/page/2122/alternative-loans

Welcome back to school after another weekend! This cold and rainy Sunday was the perfect time to catch up on homework, nap, or watch NFL RedZone to (obsessively) track your fantasy team. Monday is back, but that means so is the opportunity for you to win some scholarships. Check out the new scholarships added this morning, two that were added midweek last week, and one that is due tomorrow. Best of luck to all who apply!




For EE, SE, & CE students at MSOE only - $2,500 Rockwell Collins Scholarship


Added during the week

MSOE freshman and sophomores only - $4,000 EAA Chapter 838 Scholarship

MSOE ME students - $10,000 UCC Scholarship


NEW today

All grade levels including high school seniors - $300 BG Scholarship

Construction & Construction-related Engineering seniors - $1,000 Scholarship

All majors & grade levels - $1,000 Spokeo Connections Scholarship

Amanda Wysk

Introducing Money Monday!

Posted by Amanda Wysk Oct 14, 2013

Monday is the most dreaded day of the week: you have to go back to class, back to work, and you might be trying to play catch up on all the things you said you'd do this weekend when in reality all you did was sleep and watch Netflix (hopefully you got some study and homework time in too). We get it, and that's why we're introducing Money Monday to make your Monday a bit brighter.



So, what is Money Monday? It's simple: on Mondays we will be posting scholarship opportunities. Why? Because scholarships are a chance to win FREE MONEY for school. Hence, Money Monday


Scholarships are a great way to fund your education and minimize student loan debt. However, we know that searching for these scholarships can take up time in your already full schedules. Let us do the work for you. All you need to do is check out our page on the Hub every Monday for new scholarship opportunities. You still have to take the time to apply to scholarships that you meet the criteria for, but we believe that is time well-spent: you can never apply to too many scholarships or win too much free money for school.


most interesting man money monday meme.jpg


So, welcome to the first Money Monday blog! Check out these scholarship opportunities posted today and take one more look at the Plexus scholarship that's DUE TODAY if you haven't submitted an application yet.


Best of luck to all who apply, and Happy Money Monday!

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