It's break week, in case you haven't noticed. The campus is fairly empty, there's a fresh dusting of snow on the ground, and all anybody can think about is their favorite Thanksgiving foods they will be eating in three days. It also means it's the perfect week to apply to some scholarships! You don't have homework, most of your other friends aren't home yet because they are at semester schools, and you may want to consider giving your eyes a break from that new Xbox One game.



MSOE-specific Scholarships

$5,000 Rexnord Innovation Center Scholarship - DUE December 16th, 2013

$5,000 Neenah Enterprises Scholarship - DUE December 16th, 2013

Scholarships due THIS WEEK

$30,000 Scholarship for High School Seniors - DUE November 30th

All grade levels & majors - Courage to Grow Scholarship - DUE November 30th

$5,000 Scholarship, no GPA or major requirements - DUE November 30th

Scholarship for First-year Nursing students - DUE December 1st

Juniors & Seniors of all majors - $5,000 Elie Wiesel Foundation Scholarship - DUE December 2nd

Enjoy the snow, the rest, and the food this week! See you all back here in a week ready to go for Winter Quarter!


If I've learned anything from watching football the past two weeks, it's that having a solid backup plan is essential. After watching the Packers lose with two different backup QBs (while the teams that beat them were also starting backups), it became clear that even when your plan A is the best of the best, none of it matters if you're forced to go to plan B and it's not up to par. And then, just when you think you can manage with plan B, things can change again and you need to go to plan C.


tolzien meme.jpg


When it comes to financing your education, it never hurts to have too much free money! Why not prepare now in case your plan A changes? Apply to one or more of these scholarships this week! Of the four new scholarships posted today, three have NO major requirements, three have no GPA requirements, and two have no age requirements. No matter how your plans change, these scholarships will stick with you!


NEW Scholarships posted today

No GPA or major requirements: $5,000 Education Matters Scholarship - DUE November 30th

All grade levels and majors: Courage to Grow Scholarship - DUE November 30th

College Juniors & Seniors of all majors: Elie Wiesel Foundation Prize in Ethics - DUE December 2nd

First year Nursing students: Coursey Enterprises Scholarship - DUE December 1st

Scholarships due THIS WEEK

AFCEA Military Personnel Scholarships - DUE November 15th

$4,000 Institute of Industrial Engineers Scholarships- DUE November 15th

Construction & Construction related engineering scholarship - DUE November 15th

Juniors, Seniors, & 5th years: New Faces of Engineering Scholarship - DUE November 15th


Best of luck to all who apply!


In this age of cell phones and computers that change the time on their own, there's a good chance you didn't have to physically turn back any clocks this weekend. But, whether you changed a clock this weekend or not, we did gain an extra hour. What better way to spend that hour than applying for some scholarships? They say time is money, so go on and use that free hour of time to earn some free money!




New scholarships added

AFE Milwaukee Chapter 12 Scholarship: for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors

New Faces of Engineering Scholarship: for juniors, seniors, and 5th years

University Language Services Scholarship: for high school students

$30,000 Stokes Educational Scholarship Program: for high school seniors


MSOE-only scholarships DUE this week (November 6th)

$4,000 EAA Chapter 838 Scholarship: for freshmen & sophomore ME, EE, CE, & SE students

$10,000 United Conveyor Corporation Scholarship: for sophomore, junior, & senior ME students


Best of luck to all who apply, and happy Money Monday!