Current students are busy with finals approaching, incoming students are busy deciding where they are going to attend school, and the weather has been gloomy with no sign of sun for days. My creativity is lacking this morning, so I'll keep it short and just post the scholarships and two reminders:


  1. PLEASE do your 2014-2015 FAFSA if you will be enrolled in school next year. If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Tomorrow we are hosting a session on Student Loan Repayment. It takes place from 5:00-6:30 PM in the Todd Wehr Auditorium, and dinner will be provided for FREE! Everyone is invited, but it is especially important for any graduating seniors to attend.


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Added Today

CLOSED: Horatio Alger Honeywell Scholarship, Due on 5-9-14

CLOSED: EMPOWER Scholarship, Due on 5-15-14

CLOSED: Gustus L. Larson Scholarship, Due 5-16-14

CLOSED: Nuvation Engineering Scholarship, Due on 5-31-14


Due This Week
CLOSED: Crystal Group Innovation Scholarship, Due on 5-1-15

CLOSED: ASA Scholarship, Due on 4-30-14

CLOSED: WI League for Nursing Scholarships, Due on 4-30-15

CLOSED: Senior Care Innovation Scholarship, Due on 4-30-14

CLOSED: Mattie J.T. Stepanek Caregiving Scholarship, Due 5-1-14

CLOSED: IAPMO Scholarship, Due on 5-1-15

CLOSED: MassMutual Scholars Program, Due 5-2-14


Best of luck to all who apply!

Tax day has passed, Earth Day is tomorrow, and the weather finally feels like spring (unlike last week Monday when it was SNOWING). Life seems pretty good! It's tempting to not want to think about school or finances as the days get nicer. I get it; you'd rather be on the beach, playing ultimate, or at a concert. However, it's important to always be keeping up with how you're going to pay for college! You get to take summers off, but scholarships are here year-round so keep on the lookout.


And to add another reminder: If you haven't filled out your FAFSA for 2014-15, please do so! If you have questions, contact our office



Added this Week

All students: $2,500 Mattie J.T. Stepanek Caregiving Scholarship - DUE May 1, 2014

High School & College Students: $1,000 IAPMO Scholarship Essay Contest - DUE May 1, 2014
Business Students: $5,000 MassMutual Scholars Program - DUE May 2, 2014
High School Seniors & Current College Students: $5,000 TruFit Good Citizen Scholarship - DUE May 6, 2014
Society of Women Engineers for Freshman: Many opportunities! - DUE May 15, 2014
High School Seniors & College Freshman: $1,000 Conestoga Bank "Future of Banking" Scholarship - DUE May 15, 2014
ALL STUDENTS: Donate blood to save a life & win a scholarship!

Due this Week
High School Seniors: $2,000 FiSCA Scholarships - DUE TODAY


Best of luck to all who apply!

Maybe I'm still sad about the Wisconsin Basketball loss over the weekend, but that cat has certainly got my tongue. Therefore, this post will be short, sweet, and to the point.

  • If you haven't yet, please file your 2014-2015 FAFSA. If you have any questions about that, contact our office or stop in.
  • If you've been selected for verification, complete that as soon as possible because we can't get you a final award until it is complete.
  • If you like winning free money to apply towards your education, apply for a scholarship or two. The ones below are a good starting place, but don't forget to think local as well!


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Added Today

Current & Incoming CVE Students: $3,000 Wire Reinforcement Institute Scholarships - DUE April 15, 2014

Current & Incoming Nursing Students: WI League for Nursing Scholarships; 5 Opportunities! DUE April 30, 2014
Nursing Students: $1,000 Senior Care Innovation Scholarship - DUE April 30, 2014
$2,000 ASA Scholarship - DUE April 30, 2014
$1,000 Innovation in Engineering Scholarship - DUE April 30, 2014

Best of luck to all who apply!

You know it's a busy time of year when Money Monday appears on a Wednesday. I mean, this week featured Opening Day and April Fool's Day back to back so I was pretty busy catching up on Hank #TheBallparkPup and also pranking people all day yesterday.


Just kidding. We have all been busy putting together award packages, performing verification, and being trapped in Iowa because of car problems. So maybe that last one was only me, and yes that actually did happen on Monday. But enough about me, let's get to why you're here reading this lovely blog post: Scholarships!


bY6-wow-such-baseball-much-brewers.jpgAdded Today

High School Seniors: $1000 NSHSS STEM Scholarships

Sophomores & Older; ALL Majors: Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship
Jr, Sr, & Grad Students CVE: $5,000 Dr. Wes Eckenfelder Scholarship
ALL Grade Levels & ALL Majors: $500 CJ Pony Parts Scholarship
High School Seniors & College Freshman: $1,500 Verbal Ink Scholarship
High School Seniors: $2,000 FiSCA Scholarships

Due This Week
Current/Prospective Engineering & MIS Students: $2,500 Great Lakes Scholarship - DUE April 5, 2014

Best of luck to all who apply!

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