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Hello Students!!


For those that were unable to attend our Student Loan Repayment presentation this past Wednesday we wanted to make the power point available.  Please use this as a resource as you enter repayment on your student loans and a guide to navigate through these next few months.  Please feel free to print it out, share it, and refer back to it over time. 


I wanted to take a moment and say "Thank You" to all of our attendees that were able to make it.  I understand we were up against some other campus events and we appreciate you coming out, asking great questions, and learning about repaying your loans.  We apologize to those that were unable to make it due to scheduling conflicts. 

Thank you!

Heather Cooper

Assistant Director

MSOE Financial Aid Office

On behalf of the Financial Aid Office, thank you to all those that attended our Student Loan Repayment Strategies presentation on Wednesday, April 30th.  We had over 70 students in attendance, both graduating seniors and underclassmen, who benefited from the information offered and asked some great questions.


If you were unable to attend the session or you would like another copy of the power point we are sharing that with you.


Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have regarding student loan repayment.  Email us at or call 414-277-7223. 


Thank you!!

Heather Cooper

Assistant Director

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