Youth Options

The Youth Options Program (YOP) enables students from area high schools to pursue college course work at MSOE at the shared expense of your school district and MSOE.

In order to be eligible for the Youth Options Program:

  • Students must have 11th or 12th grade standing.
  • Students must have successfully completed prerequisites for MSOE courses.
  • Students must have written approval of counselor or principal.

Students successfully completing the course may be granted both high school and college credit. Check with your guidance counselor for your school district’s policies.

Enrollment may be subject to class space limitations.

Suggested Courses

Although students may enroll in any MSOE course for which they meet the prerequisites, the following freshman level courses have typically been popular with YOP students. Download the Academic Catalog to browse the available courses. In order for your school district to pay for a course, they must first approve your enrollment in that course. Please note that course times vary each quarter.

The following are some suggested YOP courses at MSOE.

  • SE-1011 Software Development I (4 credits)
  • SE-1021 Software Development II (4 credits)
  • EG-120 Engineering Graphics I (2 credits)
  • CE-1900 Digital Logic I (3 credits)
  • MS-273 Web Site Design (3 credits)
  • MS-275 Advanced Web Site Design (3 credits)


Tuition for Fall 2012 is $217 per credit.
Laptops will be loaned to Youth Options Program students for the duration of the quarter(s) they are enrolled.
Application Procedures

Youth Options Applications


Questions regarding the Youth Options Program at MSOE may be directed to Dan Meiser at (414) 277-2577, or by email at

Office of Undergraduate Admissions/YOP
1025 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3109

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