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Engineering Impossible and
Engineering Impossible 2.0

Engineering Impossible is a program designed to get middle school students interested in STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Math) fields. The program is a hands-on, project based workshop series where students explore different fields of engineering including; mechanical, computer, biomedical and electrical.

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NFPA Fluid Power Challenge

Workshop: 2015 date TBD
Challenge: 2015 date TBD

NOTE: Registration for the Fluid Power Challenge is now closed. Please contact the STEM Department if you have any questions: (414) 277-7207 or email precollege@msoe.edu.

The National Fluid Power Association’s (NFPA) Fluid Power Challenge consists of a Workshop Day and a Challenge Day.

Workshop Day
During the Workshop Day, the teams learn about fluid power by building a pneumatic lifter and develop the skills they will need for the competition. At the end of the Workshop Day, they take their kits, including tools and supplies, back to school. Over the next few weeks, the teams work on the Challenge scenario and design, develop a portfolio, and build and test a prototype for their fluid power mechanisms.

Check in begins at 9:00am and the day ends by 2:30pm.

Challenge Day
The teams come together again on Challenge Day. They use the same tools and an identical kit of supplies to recreate their unique mechanisms, which they use in the competition to pick up weighted objects, and place them on a platform. Teams are graded in a number of areas, including total points, portfolio ideas, design and teamwork.

Check in begins at 8:00am and the day ends by 3:00pm.

Through the Challenges, NFPA and MSOE hopes to encourage students to select more mathematics and science courses in their high school curricula and to keep their options open for technology-based post-secondary studies.

What will you need to participate?

  • A team, or multiple teams, of four students (at least two girls per team preferred)
  • A desire to learn about hydraulics and pneumatics

Catalyst for Future Success Program

For 5th, 6th and 7th grade students

Kick start your child’s future success by enrolling him or her in the Catalyst for Future Success program at MSOE. This summer program is designed to enhance your child’s science and math skills. Does your child demonstrate an interest and talent in science, math and technology? Is your child interested in exploring a career or higher education in the sciences or technology? Then your child may qualify to participate in our exciting curriculum of experiments, exploration and team work.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Catalyst for Future Success Program at Milwaukee School of Engineering is to assist middle school students from the Milwaukee area through a four-week, academically intense summer program. Students involved in the Catalyst Program will be required to participate in class work related to self-development, academic growth, study skills and college expectations. The subjects of math, science and technology will be explored.

Program Details:

Where: MSOE Campus
When: Catalyst is scheduled during July of each year; contact the Catalyst program to confirm scheduling for the next session.
Time: Monday – Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
What: Math and science classes for middle school students
What else: Field trips
Enrollment: Limited
Special notes:

  • Free lunch is provided.
  • Transportation is not provided
  • Applications for program scholarships are available.

Program Requirements:

The student must:

  • currently be in 5th, 6th or 7th grade.
  • receive free/reduced lunch (MPS confirmation).
  • earn a 2.5 GPA or better in core classes (math, science, foreign languages, etc.).
  • have appropriate classroom behavior.

The Catalyst for Future Success Program (CFS) is a Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Scholarship program.

How to Register:

To receive an application form or more information, please contact:

Mary Gleason
MSOE Student Life Office
Catalyst for Future Success Program
1025 North Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3109
(414) 840-1238

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