U.S. Constitution Day

September 17th

The Constitution…must be maintained,
for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”
- Abraham Lincoln

Each September, MSOE is proud to celebrate the U.S. Constitution with a variety of events that we hope will instill in our campus population a true appreciation and respect for our Constitution. We look forward to having you at some of our scheduled events for this year.

Gain additional insight and knowledge on the Constitution, our founding fathers, the Presidents and Vice-Presidents, the Supreme Court, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. In addition, you will find links to some great volunteer opportunities (both local and national) that will further assist you in developing your citizenship skills.

Additional information

U.S. Constitution

National Archives Charters of Freedom
National Archives Download your own copy of the U.S. Constitution
Library of Congress Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention
Constitution Day Importance of Having a Constitution
National Constitution Center Explore the Constitution
U.S. Government Our Documents


Citizenship and Volunteerism

National Constitution Center Centuries of Citizenship
Volunteer Center of Milwaukee Website
United We Serve Website
Volunteers of America Website
Americorps Website
National & Community Service of America Website
Martin Luther King Day of Service Website
Teach for America Website


Founding Fathers

National Archives Meet our Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers Biographies of the Founding Fathers
American Founding Fathers Website


Presidents & Vice-Presidents

The White House The Presidents
The U.S. Senate The Vice Presidents
Presidential Libraries Office of Presidential Libraries
Detailed History of U.S. Presidents & their Administrations American Presidents in History
State of the Union Addresses Website
Inaugural Speeches: Website
Presidents Prior to Washington Presidents of the Continental Congress
History of the Presidents Presidents on Wikipedia
History of the Vice Presidents Vice Presidents on Wikipedia


U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court About the Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court History Supreme Court Historical Society


U.S. Constitution Day Celebration

Constitution Day Celebrate the Birthday of your Government
Constitution Day Celebration Constitution Day Inc.
Justice Learning Annenberg Classroom


U.S. Congress

Senate Website
House Website

Student Music Organization (SMO) Concert


Todd Wehr Auditorium


Star Gazing with SUB




Week 9: Spring Quarter Classes

All Day Event

Recurring Event


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