• Student Parking

    I heard recently that MSOE will not be permitting students to acquire parking passes  for the Broadway Lot across from the CC building as well as Lot A next to the library. If anything it would mean more money fo...
    Donald Michna
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  • Managing Stress- 21 day meditation challenge

    I am challenging all of you to join me in a 21 day meditation challenge-- it's free and on your own time.  There is a pretty compelling body of evidence that meditation helps in many ways.  Check this W...
    Debra Jenks
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  • Who are you excited to see at Summerfest?

    Who are you excited to see perform at Summerfest?
    Phoebe Skowronski
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  • MSOE SkillsUSA Chapter

    Hey everyone,      My name is Jill, I am going to be a freshman at MSOE this coming fall and I am looking to start a SkillsUSA chapter. I am currently the President of my High School Chapter (Wate...
    Jill Brebeck
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  • Extracurriculars

    I was just wondering what some fun extracurricular activities are.  I'm thinking of trying fencing, but I'm not sure of any others.  Any ideas?
    Muffi Kaiser
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  • Greeklife

    I'm interested in Greeklife. How do I start?
    Papa Yorke
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  • Commencement Address from the Spring 2014 Class Respondent

    At Spring 2014 Commencement, MSOE's class respondent had some great words to say about his MSOE experience.  Check out his speech on YouTube here:   Spring Class Respondent Dylan Schiltz '14 - YouTube
    Student Activities
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  • What a Remarkable Day

    Congratulations to all our graduates!  Was a great joy to see MSE students Ge, Hooyman, Kulkarni, Slightam, Stack, Sumner, Thrasher, Yue, Zangana, Zhao, Zidek walk through the commencement and to locate several...
    Subha Kumpaty
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  • Looking for private tutor services

    Does anyone have any recommendations for private tutoring?
    T Ochoa
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  • Congrats to our student athletes!

    The Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference announced that MSOE has won the 2013-14 NACC Men’s All-Sports Award. Go Raiders! http://www.msoe.edu/community/about-msoe/social-newsroom/blog/2014/05/13/msoe-wins-n...
    JoEllen Burdue
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  • Last Lecture Tonight!

    I hope that students join us at 6pm in the Todd Wehr Auditorium to hear Karl David's last lecture.  This event allows a professor to give their best life-learned advice to students.  It's always a great time!
    Nick Seidler
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  • Tutor Needed for High School IED class

    My daughter is taking Project Lead the Way in High School.  She breezed through Principles of Engineering and is now enrolled in Introduction to Engineering Design.  Can anyone tell me how I would go about f...
    Georgia Young
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    JOSTENS COMING TO CAMPUS!!! MONDAY APRIL 7TH 2014 11:00AM TO 3:00PM 3RD FLOOR CC BUILDING            You’ve earned the right to brag.     REWARD YO...
    Cheryl Myers
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  • Feasibility of having a Hawaiian Club on campus

    Aloha everyone!   A friend gave me an idea and it is stated in the title above. I would like to know the feasibility of starting a Hawaiian Club here at MSOE. As of right now, I am aware that there are a lot o...
    Gerald Soriano
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  • Monday Night Laptops

    Big thanks to everyone who showed up tonight! We got 23 laptops working in just under three hours!
    Kiefer Stenseng
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  • Desperately seeking Susan....

    Actually not Susan - but I am desperately seeking cardboard and empty 2 liter bottles! See me in the Enrollment Management office! I will give you a high five!!!  
    Codi Alger
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  • Good luck to MSOE's "cyber defenders"

    Students from the Cyber Raider Organization for Networking (CRON) won the state cyber defense competition and will compete in the regional competition. MSOE to compete in cyber defense competition
    JoEllen Burdue
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  • Connecting commuter students for carpooling

    Do we have a mechanism for connecting commuter students with each other for carpooling?  I recently had students talking about commuting from  the Waukegan area and another looking for a ride home in central...
    Debra Jenks
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  • Milwaukee Hardware Hackathon

    I am not sure if anyone has seen this event floating around on social media or the web, but I thought I would share it with MSOE...seems to fit right up the alley of the community and I would love to see MSOE talent d...
    Chaning Ogden
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  • TEDx event at MSOE

    Can we organize a TEDx event at MSOE?  How many people would like to see such an event being held at MSOE? If organized, which speakers would you like to invite? http://www.ted.com/pages/organize_tedx_event
    Chaitanya Kulkarni
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