MSOE Documentation and Style Guides

The following guides provide students with the standards for documenting sources and preparing research reports at MSOE. These guides provide students with important information on format research reports.  If you are unfamiliar with documentation or need to refresh your knowledge about it, you may want to visit the START tutorial for a comprehensive review of research and documentation.

Undergraduate Style Guide

This guide is to be used by undergraduate students while writing papers and reports. The guide contains the following information:

  • standard formats to follow for documenting sources
  • guidelines for writing such as common grammar and punctuation issues
  • formatting requirements for reports
  • copyright and plagiarism issues
  • common documentation errors to avoid

Undergraduate Style Guide

Graduate Style Guides

MSOE requires the use of the following style guides for a number of graduate-level documents, including thesis documents, capstone design project reports, capstone reports, and specialty papers. Please consult the Program Director in your graduate degree program in order to determine the style guide requirements in your specific degree program.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition

Graduate students in the MSEM, MSNP,  MSXM and MSMI programs are required to use this guide. This style guide is available for purchase in the MSOE Bookstore Copies of this style guide are available in the Reference section in the MSOE library. Circulating copies are also available for checkout.

APA Style Guide to Electronic References, Sixth Edition

This style guide supplements the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition

Graduate students in the MSEM, MSNP, MSXM, and MSMI programs are required to use this style guide supplement. This style guide supplement is available as a PDF document to authorized MSOE users (current MSOE students, faculty, staff, and library walk-in traffic). The MSOE library has purchased an MSOE institutional license in order to distribute this PDF copy of the supplement in a secure manner to authorized MSOE users. Authorized users may use the supplement for non-commercial use. Each authorized user may print one copy for personal use only.

Authorized users are not permitted to distribute electronic and print copies of this supplement, although MSOE faculty are permitted to print paper copies of the supplement for distribution in MSOE academic courses, but not for broader distribution.

Graduate Student Documentation and Style Guide: Technical

Graduate students in the MSE, MSEV, MSST and MSP programs are required to use this style guide.

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