Instructions for “Follow you Printing”

To Install “Follow You Printing” on campus:

  • Hold the windows key (on your keyboard) and tap the R key
  • Type \\ and hit return
  • A new window displaying available printers should now be visible
  • Select “FollowYou Printing” and double click. (This may prompt to install.)
  • “FollowYou Printing” is now installed on your laptop

To print, use the following steps below:

  • Choose print in your current working document
  • Choose “FollowYou Printing” as the printer on your laptop
  • Click OK to print
  • Go to any “Follow Me Printing” device and swipe your card face down to release the job
  • Upon a successful swipe, select Print (F1) on the white Equitrac swipe device
  • Press Select (F2) to print a single document. Use the up and down arrows to choose which item and hit Enter on the keypad to select. Press Print (F1) to release the job and print your document
  • Press All (F1) to print all of your documents on the server
  • If you choose not to print, hit End/Back (F3) to end your session. This will stop unauthorized use of your Raider Plan funds

To print in color:

  • Choose “FollowYou Printing” as the printer on your laptop
  • In Print dialog box, click the preferences/properties button
  • Under the “My Tab” tab, scroll down and at the bottom right, under the Select Color dropdown, change to auto color
  • Print as above
  • Note – SELECTING AUTO COLORWILL CHARGE YOUR RAIDER PLAN ACCOUNT $0.30 PER PAGE – leave it as gray scale to enjoy free B&W print jobs
  • Note – Even if you send a color job to a black-and-white device, you will still be charged, so make sure to only choose color if you are prepared to pay for it
  • Note – The default print setting is black and white. However, if you print something in color and then wish to print B&W, remember to change it back to gray scale

The “FollowYou” devices are in the following locations:

  • Science Bldg
    • 3rd floor NE hallway (outside S-341) *
    • 3rd floor NW hallway (outside S-362) * 
    • 2nd floor NW hallway (outside of S-239) * 
    • 2nd floor NE hallway (outside of S-247/248) * 
    • 1st floor SE hallway (outside of Fluid Power Institute) ** With Finishing (3 hole punch and staple)
  • Grohmann Museum
    • Ground floor lounge area (next to the vending machines) *
  • CC Building
    • Mezzanine hallway (outside of Card Services/Accounts Payable) ** With Finishing (3 hole punch and staple)
    • Great Room (outside of the restrooms) **
    • 2nd floor lounge **
    • 1st floor School of Nursing**
    • Ground floor lounge area (across from CC-35) **
  • School of Business
    • 3rd floor hallway * 
    • 1st floor entrance lounge ** With Finishing (3 hole punch and staple)
  • Library
    • 3rd floor brick lounge (outside of the restrooms) * 
    • 2nd floor Main Library level ***
  • RWJ
    • 1st floor TV lounge **
  • MLH
    • 1st floor TV lounge **

* Black and White printing only device
** Black and White print/scan/copy device
*** Color print/scan/copy device

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