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Mission Statement

The mission of the Archives of the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) is to maintain, preserve and make available the records, manuscripts, and other items of historical significance that document MSOE’s past. The collection includes records from administrative offices, academic departments, and student organizations. Student newspapers, photographs and artifacts are also represented. The collection also includes the records of the Milwaukee County General Hospital Alumni Association (MCGHSN-AA), which now incorporates graduates of MSOE’s nursing program into its organization.

Reference Services

The Milwaukee School of Engineering provides reference services for our archival collections. Requests for this service can be made by sending an email to Requests will be completed as time allows; because of the nature of research, some requests may take longer. Requests from MSOE affiliates will take precedence. After a request is made, a member of our staff will contact you with an estimated time frame for when the request will be filled.

Fees may be charged for archival research, archival document copying and photographic reproductions. Contact the MSOE archivist for more details.

Digital Collections

A History of Radio at MSOE

The "History of Radio at MSOE" digital collection includes documents related to radio education at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, articles from University publications, documentation of WMSE’s history, as well as items from MSOE’s Amateur Radio Club. The collection is fully searchable, and browsable by keyword.

Milwaukee County General Hospital School of Nursing

Milwaukee County General Hospital School of Nursing Display

Manuscript Collection

Milwaukee County General Hospital, School of Nursing
Papers, 1888-[ongoing].
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