Health Insurance for Students

Student Health Insurance through Student Assurance Service for 2013-2014

  • Plan Brochure
  • Summary of plan benefits:
    • The policy maximum benefit is $500,000 for all covered injury and sickness.
    • Benefits are subject to a policy year deductible, in-network $200 per person or out-of-network $500 per person.
    • Repatriation and medical evacuation benefits providing 24-hour assistance services are included.
    • 24-hour nurse line program providing phone based health information is included.
    • Express Scripts drug program is included, subject to copays of $15 for each generic drug, $35 for each brand drug, and $60 each specialty drug.
    • To maximize savings and reduce out-of-pocket expenses, select a HealthEOS Plus preferred provider. These preferred providers have agreed to provide services at discounted rates.
  • Enrollment Form
  • Purchase online
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