Mentor Program

The MSOE Mentor Program was established to help freshmen adjust to college. The program pairs new students on campus with a person that they can count on to guide, support and encourage them in their transition to MSOE. Each mentor is an MSOE faculty or staff member who knows and understands what it takes to be successful at MSOE.

Mentor / mentee assignments are completed during the summer. All freshmen will receive this information prior to the start of school. Freshmen will meet their mentor in small groups during Welcome Week, then again individually sometime during the first two weeks of the fall quarter and periodically throughout the rest of the year.

How can my mentor help me?

Mentors are trained to:

  • Create a one-on-one relationship with each mentee to help him/her make a successful academic and personal adjustment to MSOE.
  • Help mentees adjust to their first year of college and to MSOE.
  • Work with mentees to recognize difficulties they may be having, and encourage them to take early action.
  • Connect those mentees experiencing difficulties to the appropriate campus resources that can help them.
  • Act as a complement to traditional academic advising.

For more information about the MSOE Mentor Program call (414) 277-7274.

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